Sic Bo Top Techniques That Can Help You Win Money

Sic Bo is the three dices game that using your very good luck to win. There are too many possibilities to guess the result of the rolled dices. Based on those odds, here we serve you Sic Bo top techniques that can help you win money.

Sic Bo Top Techniques That Can Help You Win Money

Betting on Sic Bo

While playing Sic Bo, bettor will meet many kinds of betting choices. The payoffs are various, depending on the kind of bets and possibility to win. There are high payments bets but with the small chance. For example the Triple bet. Bettor will make bet whether the dices will reveal three same numbers or not. If bettor wins, he will get 150:1 until 180:1 payment. But bettor should know that it is rare to get the triple dices reveal the same number.

Sic Bo Top Techniques That Can Help You Win Money
Sic Bo Top Techniques That Can Help You Win Money

Low Risk Bets

Placing bets on single number can give 1:  payments if you win. You can combine your bets with other 1:1 payment, such as the Big Small bets, and Even Odds bets. Single number bet is a bet that bettor makes on a single number that will reveal. For example, a bettor puts a bet on a single number bet, it is 5. If 5 reveals on 1 dice, then bettor will get 1:1. If 5 reveals on 2 dices, then bettor gets 2:1, and if it on three dices, then bettor will get 3:1.

In Big or small bets, bettor will guess if the sum of the three dices that will reveal is between 4 and 10, he should put a bet on Big. If bettor guess the sum is between 11 and 17, they should put a bet on small. Odd is when the result is on odd number, or Even if the sum is on even number.

Betting Strategies

Playing Sic Bo is fun. It will be more fun if you don’t lose much money. And you can play longer at the same time. There are few strategies that bettor can use to play longer and not losing any money. It’s called double your wager. So basically bettor should double the wager when lose a game.

You can apply this strategy only on 1:1 betting system. Why? Because the small risk betting has the biggest chance of winning, about 50%. The logic is you can win on one game and you can lose on the next game. But your chance is greater than other bets. Let say you lose on the first game, and you will double the wager on the next game.

What will happen if bettor doubles their money on bet when losing? Bettor will get all the money he had to lose once he won. One tip while applying this trick is to put the wager on minimum based all over again once you are winning. You don’t want to lose much more money and be greedy about the result.

Once you play Sic Bo, you will know that there are a lot of ways to put a bet on this game. Many strategies will work only if bettors have good luck. Since we never know when the luck will come, so those are Sic Bo top techniques that can help you win money

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