Free spins bonus round in Cai Shen 888 slot game

The theme and designs used to create this game are extremely colourful and gaze catching. Therefore for a colour and ornament enthusiast, this is just the game to play. Together with the eye-catching design are the interesting background sounds which are a feature common to other slot games. The game is made up of 5 reels, which  take up 3 symbols each. There is a total of 28 pay lines. With this free spins bonus round in Cai Shen 888 slot game, an inexperienced player is guaranteed of at least one win from all the spins they would make.

For a gambler that enjoys taking control and dominating their scenes, space and game as a whole, this game has provided options and buttons to customize the features. The adding and subtracting buttons will help you to come up with a coin size you deem appropriate, after which you should choose the number of pay lines you wish to activate, from those given you can play with a minimum of 1 through to the maximum of the 28 given. Before clicking the spin button to play you first select your betting amount. This is done by choosing a number of coins that you would desire to play on each of the pay lines you have chosen before.

Free spins bonus round in Cai Shen 888 slot game

The features present in this game are all geared to ensure a maximum thrill and excitement. This is to lure the gambler to the game and once seated to ensure they stayed glued to it. There is a bet maximum button together with an autoplay button just like in any other best slot game. The auto play button is made to help you play as many rounds and spins as you wish without clicking the play button as much. Therefore just by one click, you can sit back and enjoy the game spin after spin for the number of spins you present.

Free spins bonus round in Cai Shen 888 slot game
Free spins bonus round in Cai Shen 888 slot game

Special Features

The substitute is a special symbol that uses the head of the Chinese god of wealth. This appears only on reel 1, 3 and 5. Upon appearance, they are used to substitute any other symbol so as to make up a winning combination. However, a scatter wins in slot symbol can not be substituted. The winning prize is tripled whenever two or more symbols are used to substitute other symbols.

Represented by a golden object placed on a red cushion is the scatter symbol known as a sycee. Using this, the players are awarded wins whenever 3 to 5 symbols appear. The biggest reward from a sycee is a hundred coins. The progressive jackpot present is also a special feature. This brings a unique prize that a player can win at any time of the game and the proceedings in it are as a result of percentages of winnings that were made from previous plays.

Free Spin Feature

Together with the features mentioned above, Cai Shen gives a chance at free spins. These are triggered whenever 3 or more symbols appear to form an accepted winning combination. The free spins are played on the same slot game pay line and bets that resulted in their existence. The good thing about a free spin is that one gets to play an extra spin without having to place a different bet. In addition to this, free spins are given to beginners at no deposit so as to help them practice, all they need to do is register for accounts.

During a free spin, one cannot get another free spin as they are only triggered spins that have bets placed on them. It is important to note that the resultant wins from all the other features not forgetting the free spins are all added up and are part of the player’s final win at the end of their play.


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